Sirens 2017

First things first: I’m speaking on the early history of manga at the Crunchyroll Expo in Santa Clara later this month. I’ll post again when I have full schedule details; tickets are available now.

Second: I’m delighted to say that I’ll be bringing anime and manga content to the Sirens Conference in Vail, CO in October of this year with the roundtable “The Magical Girls of Anime and Manga.” From the description:

The anime and manga genre of magical girls has a rich history of girls wielding magical power with fashion, friendship, and heart. In this roundtable, we’ll review our favorite magical girls from famous to unfairly forgotten, and talk about why and how anime, manga, and magical girls work so well together.

Sirens is one of my favorite conferences–I’ve attended all but two years of its eight years so far–and while I’d love to invite you to attend, this year it is already sold out. Still, if the conference themes sound like you’d be interested, you should totally keep it on your list for the future.

Finally, I have posted the Sirens fanvid playlist I made for last year’s con.