Conference season

It’s that time of the year again, and I’m afraid that I’ve been remiss in posting about some of my appearances. In reverse order, they are:

  • UC Berkeley Center for Japanese Studies graduate conference: I’ll be speaking at 15:50 this¬†Saturday, April 8, about the history of shojo manga, specifically “Something Postmodern Going On: The Queering of the Manga Sphere in the 1970s.”
  • Society for Cinema and Media Studies: My professor Abigail De Kosnik and I spoke in Chicago two weeks ago about our oral history project about fandom on the internet, specifically “Historicizing Fandom’s Queerness: Conflicts over Sexual Content in the Early Years of Internet Fan Fiction Communities.”
  • Japan Ahead conference¬†at UC Berkeley: I was part of an extremely distinguished group of panelists assembled for “Area Studies Under Threat: How Will Japan be Taught in the Years Ahead?” at the end of February.

Many thanks to the people who attended the previous two panels. If you can’t make it to the conference on Saturday, I’m hoping to be able to talk about the same topic at Anime Expo and DragonCon later this year.