Now live from Mastodon

At this festive season of the year, I should be thinking about what kind of cookies to make next. Instead, I’ve been watching Elon Musk destroy Twitter in real time. I joined Twitter in 2012 with my legal name account, and even earlier with a private one; it sucks being driven off a real digital home by a redpilled billionaire who, to add insult to injury, isn’t even a good poster.

But so it goes, until and unless we raise the top marginal tax rate to 70% again, anyway. I’ve joined Mastodon, and I’m now Eventually I’ll get around to deactivating my Twitter, and installing the social media widget for this site, but I figured I’d announce it here right away.

Wishing all of us a happier and better 2023.

CasaCon 2022

I’m thrilled to say that I’ll be a panelist at CasaCon 2022 next Friday, December 16! My talk will be on “Early Anime and Manga Fandom in the United States” at 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern (yes, I went with the longer title in the official schedule but clearly the shorter one is better).

You can see the full schedule for the event at the con website and register for free via Eventbrite. Hope to see you there!

Translation from 2B-dan in Mechademia 14.2

I’m very pleased to say that the current issue of Mechademia: Second Arc contains a translation by me of a chapter from a book written by Yonezawa Yoshihiro and Shikijō Kyōtarō, 2B-dan: Gindama sensō no hibi (1983; Squad 2B: The days of the silver ball gun wars), specifically Chapter 3, “Putting a Hand into the Fountain of Knowledge.” Yonezawa of course is justly famous for his involvement with Comiket from its foundation when he was a college student to his death in 2006, and for the posthumous archive of his personal collection at Meiji University. This issue of Mechademia is themed around “New Foundations of the Otaku” and I’m very pleased to have found a home for the translation here–there are many great articles alongside my own contribution.

I was tipped off to the existence of this book by a Twitter user who has since apparently deleted their account. Never let anyone tell you that social media is exclusively bad.

Review of Fandom, Now in Color at Strange Horizons

I was very honored to have the chance to review Rukmini Pande’s recent edited collection Fandom, Now in Color: A Collection of Voices for Strange Horizons, which has been my favorite magazine of speculative fiction for a long time. (Yes, because of the reviews.) It’s an important book that I think everyone in fan studies should read, and everyone who considers themself a media fan too. And I do recommend the entire special issue, dedicated to criticism, while you’re there.

The Journal of Anime and Manga Studies + a book review

I’m thrilled to announce that after years of work, very little of it done by me, the Journal of Anime and Manga Studies launched online this week. JAMS is an open access journal, which means you can read the whole thing online for free. Congratulations to Billy Tringali, the editor in chief, and to everyone else involved.

Included in the first issue is my review of the reprint of Adam L. Kern’s classic book Manga from the Floating World: Kibyôshi and the Comicbook Culture of Edo Japan. It’s very good to have this book back in print after so long, and I would definitely recommend it if you’re interested in the subject.

Mechademia 12.1, “Transnational Fandom”

I’m very pleased to note that the issue of Mechademia: Second Arc which I guest-edited, “Transnational Fandom,” is now available. You can purchase a physical copy via the University of Minnesota Press, and through the end of 2020, you can also access the entirety of the Second Arc run thus far online, via the academic database JSTOR.

My article “What You Watch Is What You Are? Early Anime and Manga Fandom in the United States” is published in this issue, four years after I first wrote it for a different issue of Mechademia. Thanks again to everyone at the Eaton Collection at the UC Riverside Libraries, where the bulk of the research for the article was conducted in 2014.